31.5./1.6. 2025            Mittel / Oly / Sprint / Fitness / Kids


When logging in, there is a field "Day license". What does it mean?

For starting at the Olympic distance a start-up license of the DTU (Deutsche Triathlon Union) is necessary. If this is not available, a day licence must be payed when doing the application or the start pad pick up. Please read the explanation of the DTU to start pass or day licence. In the other competitions no starting pass or a day license is necessary.

Can I start with my Triathlon bike and/or with disc wheel and/or with Aero bars?

No, in accordance with DTU regulations all races at the BERLIN TRIATHLON are slipstream races, so Aero bars must be bridged and need not extend beyond the brake handles. With a classic race bike you are on the safe side. You can find details about the allowed vehicles in the Sportsregulations of the German Triathlon Union.

How are the courses?

The route you can see here.

Can I participate with a regular bike?

Classic race bikes are allowed. Don't forget to pump up wheels before the start!

What about the water quality or water temperature?

In meaningful temporal distance from the start, a water sample is taken to exclude sanitary risks associated with water quality. We will also inform you regularly about the temperature of the water. Whether wetsuits are allowed or prohibited, is set according to the rules of sport until one hour before the start (temperature measurement).

Is there a dress code?

Shoes must be worn, a helmet when riding a bike, an upper body clothing when cycling and running. Swimsuits are sufficient for women. Details in the Sportsregulations of the German Triathlon Union.

Where can I leave my valuables while I'm on the road?

In the Transition zone area only starters have access, check out the bike is only possible upon presentation of the appropriate starting number. Attention: The valuables cannot be stored absolutely safely. Unneeded things rather should be left at home!

How are the laps counted on the bike?

While cycling your number of laps is displayed on www.berlin-timing.de , a scoreboard was abolished for reasons of security risk. Before race just set the own bicycle speedometer to zero! It is used a video-point monitoring, which makes a subsequent rounds count possible in suspicious circumstances.